Welcome to a gold mine

With several clicks blogs were opened, and another click… then you found yourself on this page. Welcome to my blog. In this blog you will find everything my heart beats for. I started this blog to voice my deepest thoughts.  To bring to surface my fears safely kept hidden in the closets of my mind. To be able to get a deeper insight of my undiscovered potentials and to know myself better with each post I write.

I’ve always loved the feel of pen on paper, ever since I could read and write, I take joy in penning down a poem, or a song or just scribbling.  Yea, scribbling.

I had what I call a “poem book” and in it I’ve shared my life, written the best and the worst. In the pages of that book I found gold, I found love, I found deepest friendships at my lowliest.

This blog is a replica of that book, like some of the pages of my poem book are stained with my tears of joy and I’ve wandered from cover to cover when lost, so would this blog paint a picture of the world as God gives me privileged to see and live it.

Welcome to my world, this is a visit to a gold mine, you don’t leave a poor person, here you will find “something” a word or a poem will be engraved upon your heart.

Come with me, experience God, live life, feel love and celebrate the beauty of everything your heart beats for!

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